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where are

you in

your walk

with God?



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Have you experienced

the joy, peace, and power of the Holy Spirit?


Have you grieved the Holy Spirit?

Being unforgiving and having no

compassion or mercy towards others?


I have 3 stories to share of times I experienced the Holy Spirit.

Then 1 more story of God bringing me back to Himself and

changing my hardened heart of stone to a heart of flesh.

I was taken from my ways of self-righteousness back to

His ways of compassion and understanding.


to Him

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I have a story to share with you. Yes, you... the person reading this right now. You and I share something very in common, this mortal life. Like grass dancing in the wind today and thrown into the oven tomorrow, our lives can be taken at any time.


It's been quite a journey! Joy and sorrow surrounding me in the life and death of my best friend. Times of struggle in my marriage where I was being deceitful towards my wife. Finally in a year dedicated to resting and trusting in God's provisions, I was brought back to my first Love. This forced me to recognize my pride and the hurt of rejection that I had been ignoring my whole life. I came to a definitive point in my walk, a fork-in-the-road. Either giving control over to my Savior or continuing in the blindness of my lifestyle.

I chose to surrender and He freed me from the false comfort of my bondage. In the middle of all my mess, He brought me back to Himself, clothed me in the best of garments, and set His signet on my finger.


Allow me to share my story with you.

Would you like me to share my story in person? Scroll down to my contact info.

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My name is Len Wikberg IV.

My faith is in Jesus our Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach. I am a husband and a father of four. I am a servant, an artist, and a strategist. I love listening to, and telling stories.


I have a passion for discovering, developing, and creating narratives to share with others to inspire, educate, and reassure their own spiritual walks. I admire the single word used so often by children, to simply ask us; “Why?”

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I would love to hear from you!
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